"AO Appliances Online Advert Dave's first day - Behind the scenes"

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The most important thing is to teach them how to smile. That's the first thing. Because if you start the day with a smile, you're gonna have a good day. And we have good days here.  
Hi Dave, how was your first day? You seem a little bit exhausted.  
Yeah, it was a lot to take in. 
A lot to take in. It's a bit of a madhouse. 
Why? What happened? 
Like you mean it, Dave. 
Just hugging machines and  
What do you think we are doing here? 
Having a great time, by all accounts. It's day one, so far I fit in with everyone, I suppose, so I expect a lot more machine hugging and maybe not too much spanking on bums. 
Oh no. 
That was frowned upon, I think. You know, the only way is up. 
Dave! Dave! Welcome! 
I think he shows a lot of potential. I think it will take a few days for him to come out of his shell. But I've seen a twinkle and I think he's going to be one of the family.  
(Lyrics) Hey ho, let's go 
Hey ho, let's go 
They're forming in a straight line 
They're going through a tight wind 
The kids are losing their minds 
The Blitzkrieg Bop 
They're piling in the back seat 
They're generating steam heat 
Pulsating to the back beat 
The Blitzkrieg Bop. 
Hey ho, let's go 
Shoot'em in the back now 
What they want, I don't know 
They're all revved up and ready to go 
Hey ho, let's go 
Hey ho, let's go

Written Text

Dave's First Day 
Appliances Online HQ 
Head of HR, AO

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