This commercial for Microsoft Office begins with two men entering a casino. One man asks the other what he wants to play first, suggesting either poker or blackjack. The second man spots a table where he can play a game called Google Docs. The table game dealer is none other than actor/comedian, Rob Schneider. The prize for winning what appears to be an impossible table game, is a shiny golden dice key chain. The man takes his chances, and loses, falling over on the floor. The next man in the casino is legendary baseball great, Pete Rose, who decides that the gamble is too risky, even for his taste. 
"Google Docs isn't worth the gamble"

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So, what do you want to play, man? Poker or Blackjack?  
Google Docs. 
Let's play Google Docs. 
Dude, you don't want to gamble with Google Docs, OK? Horrible idea. 
OK, here's how this works. I have a beautifully crafted presentation created with Microsoft Office. I send it to you and if you can open it using Google Docs without data loss and format discrepancy, then you sir, get to walk away with this shiny little key chain! But if you can't open it up without issues, then you lose big. To the tune of your wallet, your credibility and your upcoming promotion. You still wanna go? 
I really want that key chain! 
Of course you do, it's shiny! 
OK, come on. Log on.  
Don't gamble with your office documents presentations and spreadsheets. Use Microsoft Office and the odds are stacked in your favor.  
Nah, nah, nah. It's too big a gamble. Even for me.

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Google Docs 

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