Wanda's makes the shocking discovery that Billy the Bass has been mounted in the break room. 
Target Field Mascots - "Wanda the Walleye"

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Wanda the Walleye. 
(Lyrics) You got me hook, line and sinker with your old rod and reel 
Couldn't throw me back I made a tasty meal 
Throw me in your boat you tricked me with a worm 
Wrap me up and ship me to the taxiderm 
I guess I'll never learn 
Taxiderm, taxiderm 
Why did I have to eat that doggone juicy worm 
Taxiderm oh the taxiderm 
I guess I'll never learn

Written Text

Target Field Mascots 
Spring Training 
Rest & Relaxation 
12:38 PM 
Underwater Wonder 
Wanda the Walleye 
Race at Target Field 
Get in on the fun at 

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