"Esurance Space Fender Bender" 
This commercial parody of Star Trek begins with a starship captain complaining about how the USS Enterprise always gets all the good missions. There is a sudden crash and explosion, and he gets excited that he might actually see some action. Unfortunately, it's just an alien space ship that bumped into his, and they need to exchange insurance information. The green alien to hit them is very apologetic, but assures them everything's going to be alright because he has Esurance. The captain and a crew member are concerned about a bump on his head, and the alien is only emotionally hurt that they are making fun of his perfectly normal alien head.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I'm just saying. Why does the Enterprise get all the good missions. Here we go. On screen. 
I'm very sorry. I think I ran into you. 
It's space. You couldn't go around me? 
Don't worry, I have esurance. Their modern tools let me customize my policy. 
Are you okay? You look a little banged up. 
You look pretty jacked up there. 
That's my face. 
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Written Text

Incoming transmission 
Insurance Card 
Star Trek: Into Darkness 
in theaters May 17 
Insurance for the modern world

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