Philips Norelco: I'd Date Me

This commercial begins with an unkempt man with a beard looking at himself in the mirror and sighing. He picks up an electric razor and starts to groom himself. He starts shaving, and as he slowly starts to look better, he considers if he were a woman, how would he treat himself. After simply trimming his beard, he thinks that he would wink at himself. After shaving down to just a goatee, he says he might have some wine with himself. Next he trims his chest hair and says he might share a shawarma (Middle Eastern food) with himself. He then trims below the belt. As he continues shaving and trimming, he finally ends up with just a moustache, and he concludes that he's f*** himself because he looks so good.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I'd wink at me.
I'd pop a bottle with me.
I would share a shawarma with me. Wow, one shawarma. We will share.
I'd snuggle up with me.
I'd invite me up to watch a movie.
I'd have a wine with me.
I'd fuck me.
(I'd bleep me. I'd FAQ me. I'd F.A.Q. me.)
Shave, style, groom. Philips Norelco - more power to you.

Written Text

Philips Norelco
More power to you

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