"Philips Norelco: I'd Beach Me" 
This commercial begins with a man checking himself out in a mirror. He is fully bearded, and decides it's time to groom himself better. As he does so, he considers based on the way he looks, if he was a girl, what would he do with himself. After trimming his beard, he decides that he would go to the beach with himself. Some more shaving and he might do some sunbathing with himself. He trims his stomach and "happy trail"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I'd hit the beach with me. 
I'd catch some rays with me. 
I'd build sandcastles with me. 
I'd wear a silly sun hat with me. Is that weird? No, you look great. 
I'd play beach volleyball with me. 
I'd fuck me. 
(I'd bleep me. I'd FAQ me. I'd F.A.Q. me.) 
Shave, style, groom. Philips Norelco - more power to you.

Written Text

Philips Norelco  
More power to you

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