"SLO Down Wines: Threesomes" 
This commercial shows what appears to be a fancy dressed man in a tuxedo in a winery. He is talking about the Sexual Chocolate wine from SLO Down Wines, but when he walks into the next room, there is nothing fancy going on at all. In fact, in the next room are two girls making out on a bed. Another man comes in and takes of his shirt to join them. The speaker (who doesn't have pants on) decides he might join in too.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hi, I'm Brandon Allen from Slo Down Wines. This is our wine. It's called Sexual Chocolate. It's the deep red of a really red thing. It comes in a bottle. It will make you feel good, and it goes great with threesomes... or foursomes.

Written Text

Brandon Allen 
Winemaker - Slo Down Wines 
2011 Sexual Chocolate 
14.5% Alc. by Vol. 
Vinted and bottled by the boys at SLO Down Wines 
Napa, CA 
Slo Down Wines, Slow Down Wines, Sloe Down Wines, Slodown Wines, Slowdown Wines

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