"Esurance Commercial - Sports Car Time Machine" 
This commercial shows an empty intersection in a small town. Out of nowhere, a car made to look like a Back to the Future time machine comes scraping down the road on its roof. The man in the upside-down car uses his time machine to go back in time and stop himself from buying cheap car insurance, and instead get good coverage from esurance. He pushes himself out of the way at the point in time that his past self was on the computer signing up for the cheap insurance and signs up for esurance instead.

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Let's say you had an accident. And let's say you bought cut-rate insurance and you want coverage. Oh, and your car's a time machine. Would you go back to when you got that less-than-amazing policy and go with esurance instead? Well, they do have tools like coverage counselor to help you choose the coverage that fits you. It's like insurance from the future - actually more like insurance for the modern world. 
Thank you. 
Esurance, now backed by AllState. Click or call.

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2 months ago 
Cut Rate Coverage 
coverage counselor 
find the coverage that's right for you 
use the coverage counselor 
Insurance for the modern world 
An AllState Company 
All State

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