In this commercial for Travelers Insurance, the Travelers dog is waiting anxiously at the window, knowing one of his family members, a teenager, is not home yet. Once the dog hears the garage door, and his owner returns, the dog settles down in his bed for the night, feeling assured that his owner is safe and sound at home. 

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When your teen has the car, your protective instincts are in overdrive. But with the IntelliDrive program for Travelers customers, you can get extra peace of mind while helping instill safer habits in young drivers. The device plugs in to most cars and can send data on your teen's driving directly to you. Call 1-866-700-6234 to find a local agent or to sign up for IntelliDrive and learn how it could help you and your teen feel even better on the road. Travelers. It's better under the umbrella. 
(Lyrics) You're the best friend that I ever had 
Oh you're my best friend

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