This is a promo for the 2013 series, 'The Michael J. Fox Show' on NBC. 
"The Michael J Fox Show - Official Promo #1 NBC"

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You ordered dishwasher? 
There's a good reason Michael Henry needed to go back to work. 
You know what I'll do? I'll call my wife on her cell phone and she will straighten this whole thing out. 
911, what's your emergency? 
No, 911? I didn't call 911. You know what I did? I called 917, but I mis-dialed, I-I-I, my drugs haven't kicked in. 
Excuse me? 
It's fine, I'm fine. Hello? 
Staying at home was just too dangerous.  
Hands up! NYPD! Relax! 
I'm fine, I said I was fine on the phone. 
Doesn't matter, we have to respond. Since we're both here, could I get you to sign an autograph? My uncle's got Alzheimer's. 
I've actually got Parkinson's. 
Either way. 
For 20 years, he's poured everything he had into work. Now he pours it all into us. 
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up. 
Come on people, who's turn is it to set the table? 
You wearing that? What are we driving a Zamboni to school? 
In 'The Grapes of Wrath' Ma and Pa Joad escaped the Dust Bowl. My dad's condition is the Dust Bowl of my family. 
I'm failing you. 
The whole thing was manipulative. 
You can be my hero, daddy. 
I-I beg to differ. 
He's from Pennsylvania. He's not as funny as he thinks he is. He wears hats like they just fell off a shelf in a store, and whatever way it landed on his head he just keeps it like that. 
You just gonna let it sit like... 
What? It's a hat! 
Enough with the kale, we get it, you're white. 
Can you put those things away, you're sharing the kids. 
'Sup Aunt Leigh. 
Oh my God. 
You catch more flies with honey. 
You're gonna give the flies diabetes. 
Yo! Five o'clock news, we love you, bro! 
Thanks, man. And thanks for that. 
There's no one who doesn't love you. 
He's not the only one who misses you, Mike. You should come back to work. 
You know why I left. Remember the rolling chair thing? 
You spend your time worrying about the worst case scenario, and it actually happens, you've lived it twice. And with that I'll leave you the same way I have every night for the last eleven years, Stay informed, New York. Nightly News is next. 
Come on, just think about it. 
I got an announcement I want to make. I don't want you to get angry or confused or scared, but uh, I'm thinking about going back to work. 
Thank you! 
Geez, I was thinking about it, I don't know where I stand. 
We're just kinda happy that you're getting out of the house.  
Kind of? 
Welcome back, Mr. Henry. I'm Kay, your new segment producer.  
If you don't like it I can drop her like a stone. 
No, I like that she's shorter than me. It's a nice touch. 
Look at you. You're back already. 
What are you doing? 
Rocky. How old are you? 
Carsick, huh? 
I'm fine. 
But for me, this is perfectly still. 
We both know NBC's gonna milk it by showing me in slow motion with lame uplifting music in the background. 
America's favorite newsman is back. 
Oh, for the love of... 
Mike Henry returns to NBC 4. He's ready, are you? 
When they show you in slow motion you're either dead or you're under indictment. 
Or you just got kicked off American Idol. 
And we're back with a very special guest this morning, Mike Henry's here. 
It's always good to be with old friends. 
It feels like you never left. You look like you're in the pinnacle of health. 
I wouldn't say pinnacle. 
Can you not have a personal victory right now, we are starving. 
(Lyrics) alright 
Already we'll all float on 
Now don't you worry we'll all float on 
(Lyrics) I can be your hero baby 
I can kiss away the pain, oh yeah 
I will stand by you forever 
You can take my breath away 
(Lyrics) Oh oh oh, oh oh oh 
This is a bright side

Written Text

This Fall 
Michael J. Fox 
returns to NBC 
The Michael J. Fox Show 
Thursdays this fall

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