This ad for Mercedes-Benz features a young boy who sets off on a journey, all by himself. He plans his course, using a map and leaves in the dark of the night. He rides the train and finally reaches his destination - the police station - where he tells the officer tha he is lost. The officer tells him that this is the last time, and puts the boy in the car, a Mercedes-Benz, and drives him home.  
"Mercedes-Benz - The Journey"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I am lost. 
But this is gonna be the last time. Right? 
(Lyrics) All is ahead ? 
Would you turn 
I've got nothing 
Nothing more 'cause you got all that I cared for 
I know what it feels like 
Drifting all our dreams tight ? 
Running for a place to be

Written Text

Das Beste oder nichtes.

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