This commercial for Target introduces us to Megan, a thrifty mom who shops at Target for all of her family's needs - including everything needed for Fall - like lawn bags, Halloween costumes for the kids and the pets, and Tylenol for the kids when they're sick from eating too much Halloween treats. 
"Target Halloween 2009"

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Meet Megan. She loves Target, because she's a bargain-huntin', list-makin' mom with some high expectations. She expects fall to be full of helpful little hands. Well, kinda. Full of sweet, adoring little faces. And she'd have it no other way. So Target's her place. Organized so she can get in and out with the good stuff. Target. Expect more, pay less. 
(Lyrics) Today I woke up and I found more to love  
Today I woke up and I found more (more, more, more)  
Today I woke up and I found more to love  
It's true

Written Text 
Expect More. Pay Less.

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