This ad begins with a woman listening to music on her Xperia S. When the music starts, the hair on her arm stands up. The woman gets up and shares this hair raisingly good music with her friends. The Xperia S makes sharing music unbelievably simple. 
"Xperia™ S TV Ad - Unleash your music on the world"

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Xperia S. The Sony smartphone with one touch music sharing. 
(Lyrics) You're the one I follow  
Follow all the way oh  
Way into the darkness,  
Where the sun is shining yellow  
How we had to know the way 
In the world tigh ? 
Hiding in the middle 
Away from all the sorrows 
Swallow it all down low, oh oh 
For the freedom of mind 
Freed us out of the darkness 
Where the sky is bringing yellow 
If anyone can offer me some honesty, yeah 
Honestly, honestly 
Honesty, honesty. 
If any disaster needs a remedy, yeah 
Remedy, remedy  
Remedy, remedy 
If I go to you, you come to me, yeah 
Come with me, come with me 
Come with me, come with me 
And that's just the way its gonna have to be, yeah 
Follow me, follow me 
Follow me, follow me 
Follow, my love, taking everything

Written Text

Make. Believe

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