This commercial for the Dodge Dart explains how to make a car that will make everyone happy. The Dodge Dart is designed to fit every want and need of the driver. Dodge Dart knows how to make you happy. And they do it with ease. 
"How to Make Everyone Happy."

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Start by making the Dodge Dart. Good. Now give it stuff everyone wants, like 41 miles per gallon. Make it fun to drive. Give it a huge touch screen. Bigger. Good. A customizable dash display. Now give it WiFi. People like safety. Add 10 standard air bags. Rear back up camera. Blind spot monitor. Give it a sticker price of $16790. Uh-oh. The finance guys. You can't do that. Bring in the goat. There you go, finance guy. And that's how you make everyone happy. Easy.

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How to Make Everyone Happy 
Dodge Dart 
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