"??????? ???????? ??? (History of French Fries)" 
This advert begins with a man in a park sitting on a stone bridge eating McDonald's french fries. Above him, a sea gull squawks, while below a coy or large goldfish watches him. This man returns to the park every day throughout the year - sometimes in a boat, sometimes on a bench, and sometimes even in the cold snow. Regardless of when he goes, the bird and fish are there watching him. One day, he decides to share a french fry with the fish. He tosses it toward the water, and the fish jumps up while the gull swoops down and grabs it first.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Oh the dreams are sweet like never yet before 
If you know what you're looking, what you're waiting for 
Winter, Spring are seconds ??? than they seem 
When you dream a dream 
That my only dream

Written Text

I'm lovin' it

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