This commercial is an animated story, telling how your perfect cup of Starbucks coffee begins as a bean and travels the world to make it to your Starbucks store, where your favorite coffee drink is personalized, just for you. 
"Starbucks Coffee Perfection"

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Once that perfect cup of Starbucks coffee arrives, you might not give much thought about what it took to get there. Ah, but rest assured, we have. Before you receive that rich, smooth, roasty balanced coffee, it was made personally for you by our barista. The one who greeted you warmly and remembered your name is...Emily. And that you like the double tall non-fat cappuccino. Now before we could make your favorite beverage, our signature espresso roast traveled the ocean from one of our artisan roasters. The way we roast beans is uniquely Starbucks, because we roast until the second pop, which maximizes the flavor of each and every bean. Long before our roasters could roast those Arabica beans, our buyers have to source them. They travel across three growing regions to carefully pick the best Arabica beans in the world. And since we're so close, let's go back to the people who started it all. The coffee growers. We work closely with farmers, like Alfredo here, who share our passion about creating the finest coffee in the world. Which means the personal care your coffee receives in that first 10 feet of its journey is the same as in those last 10 feet. And that's the end, well, the beginning of how Starbucks creates rich, smooth, roasty, balanced and personal coffee perfection. Discover your perfect Starbucks today.

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The End 
Discover your perfect Starbucks coffee today

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