This is a trailer for the 2013 animated film, 'Free Birds'. 
"Free Birds - OFFICIAL Trailer"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I'm not gonna dress it up. Turkeys are dumb. Really dumb. 
You don't get it! They're fattening us up to eat us! 
Hey! Corn! 
See ya later, Reggie! 
From the Academy Award-Winning Producer of Shrek 
We came to this farm for my favorite Presidential tradition. Pardoning the Thanksgiving turkey. 
And the Director of Horton Hears a Who! 
Don't worry, you're safe. I'm tired now. 
This is your new home! 
Does it get any better than this? 
Hello, soldier. 
Whatever you do, do not make a sound. 
Shhhhh! You've been recruited for a top secret mission. 
What are you talking about? 
We're going back in time to the first Thanksgiving to get turkeys off the menu. 
Who are you talking to? 
This guy right here. He totally gets it. Look, see how he's nodding? 
A map! They aren't gonna just write time machine on the...of course they are. 
Control, we have a contaminant. 
Copy that. What type, agent? 
A turkey, sir. How do we address it? 
Uh, with cranberry sauce. Ha ha ha ha ha. But seriously. 
Let's go. 
Wait, wait, wait!  
Take us to the first Thanksgiving. 
Our mission is not to save 10 turkeys... 
Welcome to our home. 
...but all of them. 
Oh, she wants you to throw up some worms into her mouth. 
I will get those birds. Every last one of 'em! 
Enemy approaching! You must follow me blindly! 
For the flock! 
What's your plan for getting in? 
I'm going to use my incredibly toned pecs and buttocks to throw you over the wall. Go! 
Funny, right? Ha ha ha ha ha. 
Free Birds. 
I'm sick of you throwing me around. You see this line? Do NOT come into my personal spa... Did you not see the line, 'cause I was pretty clear... 
(Lyrics) Fist pump 
Jump jump 
(Lyrics) We'll pick you up and take you away 
Get your feet to the floor, everybody rock and roll 
(Lyrics) Do you know the enemy 
Do you know your enemy 
Well gotta know the enemy, oh yeah 
Do you know the enemy 
Do you know your enemy 
Well gotta know the enemy, oh yeah

Written Text

From the Academy Award-winning producer of Shrek 
Director of Horton Hears a Who! 
November 1st 
Owen Wilson 
Woody Harrelson  
Amy Poehler 
They're Out To Change 
The Main Course of History 
Free Birds 
In 3D November 1st

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