"Coppertone The Great American Sunscreen Sport"

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We've been on your team in all the leagues, from the big ones to the little ones. You trusted us to help protect you from the beaches of California to the courts of New York. We've given you our best performing sunscreens so you're free to perform your best. Today, that's Coppertone Sport Pro Series. It's light so skin can breathe but stays on strong enough to stand up to blood, sweat and tears. Coppertone. The great American sunscreen. 
(Lyrics) Hey ho, let's go 
Hey ho, let's go 
Hey ho, let's go 
Hey ho, let's go 
They're forming in a straight line 
They're going through a tight wind 
The kids are losing their minds 
The Blitzkrieg Bop 
Hey ho, let's go 
Hey ho, let's go

Written Text

The Great American Sunscreen

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