"Prisoners Official Trailer #1 (2013)"

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Happy Thanksgiving! 
Happy Thanksgiving! 
Anna! Wait till we're invited. 
Oh for God's sake, come on, get the hell in here. 
He actually sings in the shower. 
I do not. 
Yes you do. 
Mommy, can I take Joey to our house? 
Wear a hat please. You're just getting over a cold. 
Joey, you wear a hat too. 
Where are your sisters? 
I can't find them. 
Anna! Joy! 
I checked the entire house. They're not here. 
Dad, there was this RV and they were playing on it. We thought there was someone inside. 
You wait here, I'm gonna go. 
I couldn't find them! 
Detective Loki. 
Do you have children, detective? 
I'm gonna find your daughters.  
Show me your hands right now! 
You put those girls somewhere else. I know you put those girls somewhere. 
He stays in custody until my daughter's found, right? 
We have a 48 hour hold on him and that ends tomorrow unless we bring charges. 
Well, charge him with something. 
That boy has never been in trouble - not a day in his life. 
This thing's clean. I'd start looking in the woods by the rest stop. 
The police said they're letting him go today. 
Why'd you do it? Tell me! No, no, no! 
Day six. And every day, she's wondering why I'm not there.  
You told us that you could protect us from everything.  
Why don't you look for my daughter?! 
What in the world did you do? 
Someone has to make him talk, or they're gonna die. 
We're not gonna help Keller, but we won't stop him either. Let him do what he needs to. 
I know you know where they are. Where's my daughter?!

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Academy Award-Nominee 
Hugh Jackman 
Academy Award Nominee 
Jake Gyllenhaal 
Academy Award Nominee 
Viola Davis 
Golden Globe Nominee 
Maria Bello 
Academy Award-Nominee 
Terrence Howard 
Academy Award-Winner 
Melissa Leo 
Paul Dano 
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