In this ad for Orange, and elderly man holds a young baby, counting all of his ten fingers, naming what each finger has the possibility to do and what each finger has the power to someday accomplish.  
Orange's new ad concerning the digital revolution for the renaming of the communication group, from "France Telecom" to "Orange". 
"Orange - Ten Little Fingers"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

This little finger will drive your car. This little finger will save the whales in the ocean. This one will carry your school bag. And this one will erase your wrinkles. This little finger will make friends for you all over the world. This one will order pizzas. Command the light. Command armies. This one will paint, play soccer and write an opera. This little finger will topple dictatorships. And this one will make the world better. But, if one day you just wanna listen to the sound of the wind, to turn everything off, it's this little finger there.

Written Text

the digital revolution is underway 
we'll always keep you connected with what matters to you 
today changes with orange

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