We dedicate the new Silverado anthem, "Strong," to you, the hardworking, honest and dependable men and women that make our truck what it is. Grammy award-nominated Will Hoge lends his voice in a nod to those who are Silverado Strong.  
"Silverado: "Strong" Commercial | Chevrolet"

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The all-new 2014 Chevy Silverado. Strong. For all the roads ahead. 
(Lyrics) He's a 20 years straight get to work on time 
He's a love one woman for all his life 
Everybody knows he ain't just tough 
He's strong 
Strong, he'll pick you up and won't let you down 
Rock solid inside out 
Somebody you can trust 
Steady as the sun 
Ain't nothin' gonna knock him off the road he's rollin' on 
He's strong

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