This commercial for Yoplait yogurt shows the evolution of a woman. It begins with a little girl jumping into her mothers arms in a swimming pool. The little girl, always on the move, is a bit older, playing with a friend in the house. As a young adult, the woman swings on a rope, jumping off into a lake. The woman is next exercising on a small trampoline in her living room to a fitness tape on the television. The next time the woman appears, she is in a wedding dress, happily running to grab her bouquet of flowers so she can get married. The woman is next shown taking a cup of Yoplait yogurt from her fridge. This woman's life, ever changing, is about to change again with a new baby. Soon, the woman is with her own daughter, at a dance recital. "Yoplait - Evolution"

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From the very first moment we arrive, we're on the move. And we don't want anything, ever to slow us down. So it's surprising that 80% of women aren't getting enough calcium. But thankfully, with over 25 great flavors like strawberry cheesecake and blackberry harvest, Yoplait gives you 20% of your daily calcium and vitamin D in every cup. Yoplait. It is so good.

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Yoplait It is so good.

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Yoplait Commercial

Yoplait Commercial

Yoplait Commercial

Yoplait Commercial

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