This is a trailer for the 2013 film, 'Afternoon Delight' starring Kathryn Hahn, Juno Temple, Josh Radnor, Jane Lynch, Jessica St. Clair and Michaela Watkins. 
"Afternoon Delight Official Trailer #1 (2013)"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

OK, I'm gonna post this. When you get home, be sure to like it! 
I never fit in with those moms. I mean, they don't work. 
You don't work either. How's Jeff? 
Still no sex. Lost count. Six months? 
Well, that's a long time.  
I feel like there's a lot of couples who go through dry spells. 
Not healthy couples, no. 
Ooh, Gentleman's club. 
You ever been to a strip club? We go there, we get all hot and then we bang each other when we get home. 
Should I make a res? 
How old are you? 
Oh, that's young. 
Do I look familiar? You gave me a lap dance. 
I remember. 
You do? 
Are you OK? 
Can you help me?  
This is where you're gonna be staying. We have company. 
The stripper's in the maid's room. How did the stripper get in the maid's room? 
I put her there. 
I really think I can help her. She's had a really difficult life. 
Who's this? 
This is Logan's new nanny. 
Be careful. I'm a nanny stealer.  
I'm pretty much down for anything. A full service sex worker. 
What's a sex worker? 
What is a sex worker? 
Is she still hooking? To hook? Is that the verb? 
Maybe I'm worried about her soul. Is that weird? 
It's a little weird. 
To long marriages! And children! 
You guys need company? 
She's the best nanny in the world! 
Are you afraid he's gonna leave you? 
You are the one who needs help, not her. 
So help me! 
Not everyone gets to be happy! 
If you want out of that life, I can help you. 
My mom always told me to surround myself with good people if I want good things to happen.  
Bedtime? That is the worst time to have sex. 
Is there a time you prefer? 
Like a 4:00ish, tea time thing. 
(Lyrics) Everything changes, everything changes  
After the sun, the wind will come  
And the wind will come 
When worries gone, the wind will come  
And the wind will come  
Come, Come 
Thou art the dream

Written Text

Best Director 
Sundance Film Festival 
Rachel Needed A Change 
And Now, She's Found It 
"An Amazing Movie" Krista Smith, Vanity Fair 
"Kathryn Hahn is absolutely incredible" Cory Everett, Indiewire 
"Jill Soloway joins the ranks of Apatow & Tina Fey" Xaque Gruber, The Huffington Post 
"A Pitch-Perfect study of love and family." Chris Martins, SPIN 
Kathryn Hahn 
Juno Temple 
Josh Radnor 
and Jane Lynch 
Afternoon Delight 
Written and Directed by 
Jill Soloway 
Coming Soon

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