FEED USA for Target is one of the first socially conscious collaborations in our history of design partnerships and includes an exclusive collection of apparel & accessories, home, sporting goods, and stationery products, available for a limited time only at Target stores and 
"FEED USA + Target: Mike"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Mike likes bikes. And denim shirts. And blankets with stripes. So, Mike comes to Target, who's making products with FEED to give meals to people across America. Mike's bike gets him to Kate's house. His shirt looks great and his blanket gets him a date. But his blanket also gives 24 meals. His shirt gives 20 meals, and his bike gives 320. So now Sarah gets lunch, a family gets dinner and lots of people smile. Mike did a great thing and the people he feeds will too. Thanks, Mike. Enjoy the bike.

Written Text

24 meals 
FEED USA + Target 
Available June 30

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