A group of men are sitting around a table, playing cards and sharing funny stories. One of the men asks his buddy, Jake, to re-tell a story because it's funnier when he tells it. Jake, however, is hungry and he isn't himself, but Kenny G. Kenny G tells the story with his Soprano Saxophone, leaving the guys disappointed. "Jake" is offered some Snickers bites, to satisfy his hunger. The Snickers bites work, and Jake returns to his old self, able to tell the story which makes all the men laugh out loud. 
SNICKERS® - "Cards"

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I don't believe it! 
It's so much funnier when Jake tells the story. Jake, tell the story, man! 
This story is horrible. 
Jake, have some Snickers Bites. 'Cause you're kind of a buzzkill when you're hungry. Better? 
I'm better. And I said, "That's not soap, that's burlap!" 
You're not you when you're hungry. Try new Snickers Bites.

Written Text

You're Not You When You're Hungry 
Snickers unwrapped Bites

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