Kyra Sedgwick stars in this commercial for Trop50. Kyra is a busy woman, rushing through the house in the morning, stopping briefly for a glass of new Trop50 orange juice. The juice tastes so good, and has less sugar and calories, that Kyra takes the time to stop and do a little dancing. 

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

New Trop50. Orange juice goodness with 50% less calories and sugar. Taste the goodness, feel the difference of 50% less calories and sugar. New Trop50. Only from Tropicana.  
(Lyrics) But she's all you'd ever want 
She's the kind I'd like to flaunt and take to dinner 
But she always knows her place 
She's got style, she's got grace 
She's a winner 
She's a lady 
Oh, oh she's a lady

Written Text

50% less calories and sugar than orange juice.

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