This advert begins with a cat, who admits to being apathetic and indifferent about most things in life. The cat finally has a revelation, after looking at the doggie door. Why not be more like a dog. The cat takes a running start and bursts through the doggie door to the outside world, where he begins to act as a dog. Running through the grass, chasing after cars, fetching sticks that are thrown into the water, riding in the car with his head out the window in the breeze. Why not be more dog? 
"O2: Be more dog"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I used to be a cat. Every day the same. I'd be aloof to lunch, then coldly indifferent after. To me, everything was just...ehhh... Then it hit me. Why be so cat. Why not be a bit I mean, look at the world today. It's amazing. Running. Amazing. Chasing cars. Amazing. Sticks. Amazing! Carpe diem. It means, "grab the frisbee". Maybe we should all be a bit more dog.  
Be more dog. Start now at O2. 
(Lyrics) Flash, ah, ah, Savior of the universe 
Flash, ah, ah, He'll save every one of us 
Flash, ah, ah, He's for every one of us 
Stand for every one of us

Written Text

Be more dog 

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