A group of men are in a horse stable, trying to calm down a wild, bucking horse in a stall. Enter Carrie Underwood. After drinking an Energy Vitamin Water, Carrie Underwood walks into the horse stall, sings a line of her song, 'So Small' and the horse is instantly calmed down. The horse turns out to be a miniature horse, but Carrie Underwood, now a horse whisperer, gained a new fan - or several. 
"Carrie Underwood Vitamin Water Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Always an animal lover, Carrie Underwood drank a Vitamin Water Energy and found the drive to try horse whispering.  
(Lyrics) Love is all that matters after all 
Sure makes everything else seem so small 
Miniature horse whispering. Yep, ol' Star Fire sure likes Miss Underwood. And he's not alone.  
She kinda makes a man wanna be a miniature horse. 
Vitamins, electrolytes, no sodium. Vitamin Water. Try it!

Written Text

no sodium 
try it

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