Two "pretzel scientists" argue over how much flavor can be added to a pretzel, when one scientist knocks a pretzel out of the other scientist's hand. The pretzel falls, breaking into pieces, which gives the scientists a great idea. Pretzel pieces with bold flavors are the perfect amount for people to eat and enjoy. 
"Pretzel Scientists - Snyder's of Hanover 2013 Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

But it's not too much flavor! 
Stop. I told you people cannot eat a whole pretzel loaded with that much bold flavor. It's against human nature. 
Just try it! 
Snyder's of Hanover Flavored Pretzel Pieces. So much bold flavor in a pretzel, we had to break it into pieces. 
With full on flavors like Honey Mustard & Onion and Hot Buffalo Wing. Snyder's of Hanover. Taste how great a pretzel can be. 
(Lyrics) I fall to pieces 
Each time I see you again 
I fall to pieces

Written Text

Snyder's of Hanover 
Flavor Test Kitchen 
Taste how great a pretzel can be.

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