This TV advertisement 'Options' focuses on how, by storing customers' payment details, PayPal, enables people to make secure payments in a 'couple of clicks', without them having to enter sensitive financial information every time they make a purchase - while still allowing them to collect all the loyalty points and rewards they would normally receive.  
"PayPal TV Ad - Options"

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At PayPal, we securely store your payment options all in one place. So you're only a couple of clicks away from using plastic for dressing fantastic. Press and go on pizzas to go. Using savings to conquer your cravings. Your bank account to pay for weekends away. Use PayPal safely when you're at home, on the move or even abroad. And you can still pick up your points and rewards. Want it. Get it. Choose PayPal.  
(Lyrics) I know a guy who's tough but sweet 
He's so fine, he can't be beat 
He's got everything that I desire 
Sets the summer sun on fire 
I want candy

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Pizza Express to Take Away 
British Airways 
Points & Rewards 
Want It 
Get It

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