"Sími sem skilur þig (Phone that understands you) - Samsung Galaxy S4" 
This Icelandic commercial shows a man with an apple (the fruit) which represents an Apple iPhone. He is trying to make calls with it and it getting frustrated because it doesn't work well. The man gets the Samsung Galaxy S4, and he is very happy with it even though he is surrounded by apples. We then see the man doing flips while ninjas (or more like people dressed as burglars in ski masks) dance and flip around with him. While he and they dance, a sheep (i.e., an Apple iSheep) watches on. At the end, the man just eats an apple instead of trying to use one for his phone.

Written Text

Fáðu þér síma sem skilur þig (Get a phone that understands you) 
Galaxy S4 skilur íslensku (The Galaxy S4 understands Icelandic) 
Samsung Galaxy S4

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