"Cleaning is Easier with Morty and Lee - Swiffer WetJet" 
This commercial for Swiffer shows an old couple using Swiffer products for the first time after a box of Swiffer supplies is left on their doorstep.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Woman: I like a clean kitchen. 
Man: I don't do any cleaning. I make dirt. 
Woman: I'm not big enough or strong enough for this. 
Man: There should be some way to make it easier. Here's a box, babe. Open it up. 
Woman: Oh my goodness. 
Man: What's a WetJet? 
Woman: Some kind of a mopping device. There's a lot of dirt on here. Morty, look at how easy it is. 
Man: It's almost like dancing. 
Both: Da da, da dum. Da dee da da dum.

Written Text

Swiffer Wet Jet 
Keep it clean, guys. 

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