"How Much Dirt Can You Manufacture? - Swiffer Sweeper" 
This commercial shows an old couple using Swiffer products for the first time after Swiffer leaves a box of their products on the doorstep. The woman thinks her house is clean and is surprised at how much dirt she can pick up with the Swiffer Sweeper.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Woman: Six children. Forty four years. 
Man: It's been a happy union. 
Woman: He does laundry and I do the cleaning. 
Man: There's only two of us. How much dirt can we manufacture? Very little. 
Woman: More than you think. Let's have a look, Morty. 
Man: It's a sweeper. What's that. 
Woman: Well, we'll find out. It goes under all the way to the back wall. I came in under the assumption that it was clean. I've been living in a fool's paradise. 
Man: Oh boy. 
Woman: There you go. Morty just summed it up. The next 44 years will be fine.

Written Text

Enjoy your clean start, kids. 
Swiffer Sweeper

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