This giffgaff ad begins with a view of a beautiful neighborhood, still quiet in the early morning hours. The peaceful scene is quickly changed however, when a group of zombies appear walking into the lovely neighbourhood. A woman inside her home is watering her plants when she spots the growing number of zombies making their way into the yards. A woman is outside, trying desperately to get her cat, Spot, out of a tree - not noticing the zombies walking toward her. A man leaves his house, heading to his car ready to leave for work. He sees the swarm of zombies coming toward him and hurries to his car, fumbling with his keys before getting safely into the vehicle. Once inside though, his car won't start, and the zombies are surrounding him. A young woman walks outside, arms full of bags and items, when she too sees the invasion of zombies.  
Back at the woman who's cat is in the tree: the zombie pulls his arm from the socket, extending it into the tree to assist her in retrieving her precious kitty. The woman, surprised, thanks the zombie man.  
The man whose car won't start, is actually being helped by the zombies, as they have gathered around his car to push it until it does turn over and he can drive off to work.  
And the young woman with the bags, the zombies have surrounded her, taking the bags, helping her carry everything.  
Soon, the town is mixed with zombies and "normal" residents who are working together to make the town a better place.  
"The zombies are coming... Don't be scared // giffgaff"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Please come down, Spot. Come on. Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Come on, Spot. Thank you. Come on, Spot. 
Hello gorgeous. How are you today? Yeah, perfect. 
Lovely to see everyone working so well together. Makes the world a better place. 
Very good, sir. Very good. 
Tell you what. Tomorrow, buy you some mouthwash. A special treat. 
Different doesn't have to be scary. Giffgaff is a mobile network run with its members. Don't be scared. It's just a different way to do mobile. 
Makes you glad to be alive, really. 
(Lyrics) Ritual union’s got me in trouble again  
I was wonderin’ of a white dress 
And the mistress 
And a spirit holding my hand 
Love’s sinking in the sand 
Petals falling on demand 
My feet are running like the wind 
I’m sorry, boy that we sinned 
Love is not like they say 
A lie, that it’s hard to make it stay 
It drowns my feelings in the sea 
I dried out over on the beach 
Ritual union's got me in trouble again 
I was wonderin’ of a white dress 
And the mistress 
And a spirit holding my hand 
Ritual union's got me

Written Text

Zombies Crossing 
Human Fruit Machine 
The mobile network run by you

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