This is a trailer for the 2013 film, 'Austenland' starring Keri Russell, J.J. Feild, Bret McKenzie, Jennifer Coolidge and Jane Seymour. 
"Austenland - 2013 - HD Trailer 2 "

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What separates the casual Jane Austen fan? 
Oh Janey, it's gotten so much worse. 
The number of times she's read Austen's novels, or her consuming love for Mr. Darcy. 
This is the best part. 
She finds her way here, to the world's only immersive Austen experience. 
You're going to the Darcy Place, too? 
Yes. I memorized the first three chapters of Pride and Prejudice when I was thirteen. 
What's that? 
Welcome to the Regency era. 
Look at those. 
I expect my guests to eschew all things modern.  
May I present Miss Jane Erstwhile. An orphan of no fortune 
You have paid for the basic copper package. 
You're in the servant's wing. 
You're in the creepy tower. 
I'm so mad I wasted all my money. 
Look! It's one of those Mr. Darcy guys. 
I hear there is a ball on our last night. Do you enjoy dancing? 
Not particularly. 
You have been unlucky in love. 
I am single because apparently the only good men are fictional. 
What do you guys think of that girl, Jane? 
She's a bit peculiar. 
Tallyho a-hunting we will go! 
I'm kind of a mess, aren't I? 
I'm going to take charge of my story. An Austen heroine gets engaged by the end of the book, that is what I am going to do. 
I'm really into you. You wanna get out of here? 
Miss Erstwhile? 
(Lyrics) You try to catch her eye 
Well she doesn't want to see 
She's got a picture in a frame by her bed 
She's got ? down to her knees 
She's saying 
My boy loves me 
My boy loves me

Written Text

It Was The Vacation 
Of A Lifetime 
For A Special Kind Of Person 
Looking For Romance 
Keri Russell 
J.J. Feild 
Bret McKenzie 
Jennifer Coolidge 
Jane Seymour 

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