Bill Hader and Brian Huskey star in this commercial for the new service, JUMP! from T-Mobile. Bill Hader is trying to talk to his mother on his cell phone, which is currently in a jar of rice, because Bill dropped his phone in a toilet, and is now trying to dry it out. When Brian walks in the room, asking what he's doing, Bill explains that the phone was dropped in a toilet. Bill takes the phone out of the rice and tries to continue his conversation with his mother, when Brian asks if Bill at least washed the phone off after falling in the toilet. Bill turns the kitchen sink on, running his phone under the water. He obviously did not think to wash it, and is once again, destroying his phone. But with JUMP! from T-Mobile, you can upgrade your phone on your own schedule, not when T-Mobile tells you it's time to upgrade. 
"T-Mobile | JUMP! - Rice"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

It's your son. Your Son! Mom, hello? Can you hear me? 
What are you doing? 
I dropped my phone in a toilet and I'm putting it in rice to, uh, dry it out. Hello? 
You washed it off first, right? 
Hold on. 
I'll get the landline. 
No, that's in rice too. 
Two years is too long to wait. Introducing JUMP! from T-Mobile. The freedom to upgrade when you want, not when you're told.

Written Text

Day 305 of 730 
Just upgrade my phone 
Introducint JUMP! 
Only from T-Mobile 

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