In this ad for Campari Orange Passion, a couple enter a fancy, swanky bar where Campari cocktails are being mixed. Everyone in the bar is frozen, suspended in movement. The man and woman walk around, taking ingredients and drinks from the people who remain still. They take these ingredients back to their home, where they are having a party. Instead of making Campari mixed cocktails, they serve Campari Orange Passion - the cocktail already mixed and ready for consumption. "Campari Orange Passion... @home"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Campari Orange Passion. Now at home.

Written Text

Campari Cocktail Presents Arancia Pestata Zucchero Di Canna Ghiaccio Tritato Succo D'Arancia Campari Campari Orange Passion Now at home

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