"Kia Cerato - Surprise" 
This advert for the Kia Cerato plays several clips from different viral videos including: 
* a man climbing a rock face and then walks a tightrope while the moon rises in the background 
* someone floating and spinning in a room 
* an eye opening quickly 
* a lego animation of Michael Jackson 
* a fox jumping into the snow 
* a cat jumping for a toy 
* a cutout of a man (repeated several times) clapping 
* a man using a water powered jetpack jumping out of and diving into the water 
* a baby getting scared 
* a baseball being sliced up into several dice with a knife 
* a girl floating at the beach 
* a cat with paper glasses and a moustache 
* a green piece of plastic being cut up into Monopoly houses with a knife 
* several umbrellas spinning and flying in the air

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Surprise. It's the wonder of the unexpected. That sudden sense of disbelief when you experience something new. We all have the power to surprise, but not everyone has the courage, the wit, and the sheer bloody-mindedness to do it again and again and again. Introducing the new Kia Cerato. It's poised to give you exactly what you're learning to expect from Kia. Another surprise. Kia.

Written Text

Kia Cerato 
Kia - the power to surprise

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