This commercial for Snapple shows Snapple drinkers popping the tops off of their delicious Snapple beverages, looking under the cap to discover that they have won nothing. That's right, they've won nothing, and they're happy about it. Who wouldn't be happy though, with a cool, delicious bottle of Snapple, who cares about prizes?! 
"Win Nothing Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I won nothing! Captain Nibbles, I won nothing! 
I won nothing! Whooooo! 
Snapple's win nothing instantly contest has people everywhere celebrating winning nothing. 
I won nothing! 
Because nothing is actual prizes, like money with no bills, or a flight with no airfare. Look under specially marked Snapple caps and you might get excited about nothing too. 
I won nothing! 
Snapple. Win nothing instantly. It really is something.

Written Text

Win Nothing Instantly 
Nothing = Prizes 
You Won No Bills 
You Won No Airfare 
You Won No Thirst

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