This commercial for Downy begins with a man at a concert, where the performing band tosses a yellow T-shirt in the crowd. The man catches the shirt and puts it on. Next, the man is wearing his yellow concert T-shirt while sharing a passionate moment with his girlfriend. The girlfriend, now his pregnant wife, is in the laundry room, folding clothes when she pulls the yellow T-shirt from the dryer, takes a look at it and holds it to her face, reminiscing about the past for a moment. The man is wearing his T-shirt, playing his guitar with his young daughter. The man, wearing his yellow shirt, which still looks as new as the day he got it, is napping on the couch with his little girl asleep on his chest. The man, older now, pulls the shirt from the dryer once again. His little girl, who is also older, puts the shirt on, which is too big, but still looks new, as her dad takes pictures. 
"Forever Downy, Forever Young Commercial :30"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

We don't just wear clothes, we live life in them. Keep clothes newer, 50% longer with Downy softness. 
(Lyrics) Forever young, I wanna be forever young 
Do you really wanna live forever, and ever 
Forever you I wanna be forever you 
Do you really wanna live forever

Written Text

Forever Downy. Forever Young.

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