It's the start of a new school year, and the kids are on the playground with an updated, and complimentary version of "Yo Mama". These kids are throwing out Yo Mama compliments by mentioning how much money their mothers saved on back to school shopping at Kmart. 
"Kmart Back To School Layaway -- Yo Mama"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Julio! I need to axe you a question. 
What is it, compadre? 
Did your mama get that hoodie at Kmart? 
Yeah, dog. 
Well your mama must have cavities because that hoodie is sweet! 
Oh yeah? Well, your mama's like a tasty cheese plate, 'cause she saved a bunch of cheddar on those Kmart jeans. 
Well, your mama's got so much game that she couldn't even store it on that tablet. 
Ah, come on! 
Your mama's so fashion forward, the future called, they want those high-tops back. 
Well, your mama's so fiscally responsible, she got all that on free layaway. 
Ohhhhh! Nice! 
Shop Your Way members get free layaway at Kmart. New school year starts here.

Written Text

Free Layaway 
For Members 
Shop Your Way 

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