The latest installment of "How to Change Cars Forever" maintains the energy of the original Dodge Dart launch spot with original music from international superstar Pitbull and a multicultural spin on the visual cues. The TV spot ends with the "New Rules" tagline that speaks to how Dodge is redefining what a compact car can be 
"Dodge Dart & Pitbull: How to Change Cars Forever"

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It's simple. Think. Drink coffee. Hatch the design. Kill the design. Design something totally original. Do it again. That's good. Kick out the committees. Call in the car guys. Not those. Those. Build a prototype. Shape it. Love it. Give it 40 MPG. No, 41. Give it a huge display. Give it a starting price under 16 grand. Take it to the car show. Get a celebrity endorser. He's perfect. Done. Making a ground breaking car. It's that easy.

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How To Change 
Cars Forever 
40 MPG 
41 MPG 
New Rules 
All-New Dodge Dart

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