As we begin another year, we embrace the notion that the biggest impact in our lives comes not in the grand gestures, but in the everyday acts. We remind ourselves that the greatest changes begin in the simplest moments - the conversation over breakfast with your 10-year old, or your baby's first steps. At P&G we see the power that these everyday acts have in defining our lives, our family's lives and the life of our planet. We call this the power of The Everyday Effect. 
"Power of The Everyday - P&G"

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Change in the world isn't always driven by the fast-paced or the futuristic, by the sensational or the extreme. Sometimes change starts a bit closer to home. In bathrooms and in bedrooms. In backyards and over breakfast. Where a boy's clean shirt makes him stand an inch taller and a girl's shiny hair tells the world who's in charge. Every day by doing ordinary things, we set the stage for our lives, our children's lives and the life of our planet. Because it's those ordinary things you do that make extraordinary happen. That's the power of the everyday effect. Proctor & Gamble.

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The Everyday Effect 

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