"Style. Quality. Price. Now at jcpenney." 
This back to school commercial from JCPenney begins with kids in a back yard hanging out "laundry" that spell the word "JEANS". We then see Jeans on a gym floor moving around by themselves. After this is a shot of various other products associated with back to school shopping like JanSport backpacks and various brands of shoes. We then see kids at school, in the school yard, in the cafeteria, and more.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Why do I do my back to school shopping at JCPenney? Well it's the only place I can get my kid's Arizona Jeans. Which means that they can find the perfect pair that fits great - and it's affordable. Oh, and it's got all the other brands they have to have. I've been told this stuff can make or break your entire year, but I'm not even going to pretend what cool is. I'll just take them to the sale and leave the rest to them. 
Select Arizona Jeans on sale now. Style, quality, price. Now at JCPenney.

Written Text

Back to School with JCPenney 
Arizona Jeans 

Jan Sport, Converse All-Star 
Make or Break 
Arizona Jeans Co. - Kids, Juniors, Guys 
Style. Quality. Price. Now at JCPenney 
JCPenney, JC Penney, JCPenny, JC Penny, JCP

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