"MiO Sport - Eye of the Squirter Commercial" 
This commercial shows a guy doing various sporting activities while squirting Mio into his water. Some of the activities include: 
power walking, football, wrestling, figure skating, fenceing, parkour, synchronized swimming, luging, racecar driving, SCUBA diving, boxing, hockey, yoga, body building,

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Squirt, squirt squirt squirt 
Hardcore squirt 
Synchronized quirt 
Squirt, squirt squirt squirt 
Playoff beard squirt 
Hot yoga squirt 
Water enhancer squirt 
BL? sports squirt 
?? knuckle squirt 
Logo da da

Written Text

Home of Marmot Football 
Squirt Some 
Mio Sport 
Squirt Some

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