A group of men are at a bar, talking about making fun of one friend who walks his cat, while they sit and wait for their girlfriends/wives to arrive at the bar. One of the men calls the girls to find out where they are. The woman who answers the phone, is still at her house, with the girls, enjoying Smirnoff Ice while they dance and have fun. She tells the man that they're in a cab and will be there in five minutes. The man reports back to his buddies that the girls will be another half hour, while the woman tells her friends that she just got them another hour of time at the house. 
"Smirnoff Ice - Exit Strategy"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

So you walk your cat? 
Yeah, it needs exercise. 
What's your cat's name? 
That's a dog's name. 
I wonder what's taking the girls so long. 
Oh. Oh, oh, oh. Shhhh. Hi, babe! 
Hey. Where are you guys? 
We're in a cab. 
Watch the road! 
You drive like a maniac! 
We're gonna be there in 5 minutes. 
Five minutes? OK. 
She said 30 minutes. 
Just bought us another hour. 
Cheers to five more minutes. However long that may be. Smirnoff Ice. Cheers to us. 
(Lyrics) I don't care 
I love it 
I don't care 
I love 
I threw your stuff into a bag  
I don't care 
I love it, I love it 
I don't care

Written Text

Smirnoff Ice 
Cheers to Us

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