"Scott Extra Soft Tissue: Geez Louise" 
This commercial starts with a man in his bathroom. He feels how soft his toilet paper is and says, "Geez Louise". Out of nowhere, a waitress named Louise appears wanting to know what the man wanted. He lets her feel the toilet tissue and she says, "Holy mackerel" and a fish drops down from heaven. She lets the fish feel the paper and he says that's bananas and a giant group of walking bananas walks into the room.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Geez Louise that's soft. 
What can I get ya? Honey, don't go calling me if you're not ready to order. 
I was just surprised by how soft this Scott Extra Soft tissue is. 
Let me see that. Holy mackerel! 
Yeah, hi, uh. You summoned? 
Feel how soft this is. 
That's bananas. 
Scott Extra Soft - surprisingly soft.

Written Text

Surprisingly soft Scott Extra Soft

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