This commercial for the Samsung Galaxy S4 takes place on an airplane. One passenger has the Galaxy S4, while his seat mate has an iPhone. The man with the iPhone is amazed at what the Galaxy S4 is able to do, and takes over using the phone. 
"Galaxy S 4—Flight Chat"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. 
Excuse, ma'am, er, miss. Can I get another ginger ale? Thank you. 
That's the Galaxy S4, right? 
Yeah, yeah. 
Hey, do you know the guy in 23 E has literally drank 6 ginger ales. 
And I haven't had to go to the restroom once. How crazy is that? 
I like a simple phone.  
Well, this has easy mode. Simplifies everything. 
Yeah, but, switching. 
Well, I use smart switch. Transfers your contacts, photos. 
Yep. Even text messages. 
I'm a big texter. I like how big that screen is. 
Yeah, it's 5 inches. 
Hey, man. Did you show him the eye thing? 
What's the eye thing? 
The phone pauses video when you look away from it. 
You're kidding! 
Ooh, GS4! Look at that! 
Don't do that. 
Not, it's not going. 
Well, you actually have to look away. Yeah, see. 
Awesome. Did it stop? 
It stopped. 
I am sold. 
The Samsung Galaxy S4. The next big thing is here.

Written Text

The Next Big Thing Is Here 
Galaxy S4 

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