This commercial begins with a man in a romantic situation, with a woman on his bed, undressing. The man struggles to take his shoes off. When the woman attempts to help, she knocks herself out by pulling too hard on the shoe, with the shoe hitting her in the head. The man is in another romantic situation, a different woman, who is undressing as she walks down the hall into the bathroom. The man stops to take his shoes off, and falls through an open window. The man, having had enough, goes to a shoe store to get a pair of easy on, easy off crocs. He makes eye contact with the saleswoman at the shoe store, and the two begin kissing. Thanks to his bright green crocs, he is able to easily slip out of his shoes, and this romantic endeavor doesn't end with anyone falling, or getting hurt. 
"CROCS 'Slip off. Slip in.' SUMMER 2013 Shoe Commercial"

Written Text

slip off. slip in.

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