From the day he was born, Las Vegasdotcom has had a calling. A life full of constant bombardment, asking for Vegas deals, is culminated with one grand trip, to see for himself in all its splendor, Las Vegas. 
"Las Comes To Vegas - Extended Cut Las Vegas Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey! There he is! 
Thank you guys! I'm going to Las Vegas! 
We love you! 
Goodbye guys! Thank you! I'm goin' to Vegas! 
It's summer. Time to get to Vegas. For hotels, flights, shows and more, there's only one 
(Lyrics) Now you're living the dream, living the dream 
And your star is shining bright 
Now you're living the dream, living the dream of your life 
The stars are everywhere and there's magic everywhere 
Yes you're living the dream of your life.

Written Text

Las Vegasdotcom 
We Love Las 
Welcome to Fabulous 
Las Vegas Nevada 
Las Vegas

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